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Varmints (pg. 2)
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This is why they are called praire dogs.  They live in the praire.  It was more than three miles in any direction to the nearest building.
I guess this place has a beauty all it's own.


The praire dog above was hit with a 40 gr Hollow point from about 165 yards.  The 221 Remington Fireball isn't the weak little cartridge you would believe it is. 


This paraire dog shows the affects of the same 40 gr hollow point.  This dog bite the bullet from 365 yards away.  The exit wound is about the size of a half dollar.

That little 40 grain bullet sure was beaten up by the wind.  But, as you can see, when the wind was within reason it did lay waste to the praire dogs.  Next year, I'll bring a "back-up" something a little bigger.
The 221 Remington doesn't recoil  much.  And, if you are firing 100 or more rounds a day that does mean a little something! 


The sunsets were beautiful.  This is indeed a great way to fininsh a day of good shooting!!!


This praire dog above was also hit with a 40 gr hollow point from my 221.  He was only about 70 yards away.  At close range the 221 is very explosive!


This is just represents a small number of the pidgons I eliminated from the feed lot.
When I told my Dad about my trip out west, he reminded me that hunting small game and/or varmints is always more fun than hunting big game.
I know, I sure did shoot more! 


The mornings were nice too!!!
The views are another reason shooting/hunting is so enjoyable.

If you were shocked by the contents of this page, remember I warned you.  So, don't whine about it!